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The following questions and answers will assist you in deciding whether or not to appoint buck planning services as your consultant. buck planning services aims to be transparent with their clients about all aspects of any work undertaken on their behalf.

  1. What counties does bps planning consultants cover?
  2. What is a planner?

    Town Planning is a profession engaged in guiding the development of the physical environment, man-made and natural, in response to the needs of society. As environmental problems increase in complexity and the rate of change of societies accelerates, the need for planning becomes even greater. The profession embraces a variety of disciplines: the social and behavioural sciences, architecture/design, and engineering. The expertise of the Town Planner lies in an ability to synthesise and order competing demands and to present and assist in the management of programmes for development which maximise the benefits to society. Planners are motivated by a keen interest in the environment, having regard to the needs of all sections of society.

    The work of the planning consultant involves ensuring that prior to the assessment of planning applications for development, all aspects of a proposed development have been considered and are presented. Planning consultants undertake site inspections, consultations with developers and/or architects, and a range of other consultants and specialists to ensure all aspects of a proposed development are considered.

    Another aspect of practice as a planning consultant involves assisting or making submissions to Development Plan reviews for urban and rural areas in line with the Planning Acts and environmental standards and requirements.

    Planning applications are assessed by and plans are produced by public sector planners. Private planners work with their public sector colleagues to deliver high quality proposals for future land-use change in the short or long term.

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  6. Should I hire an architect / agent and a planner?
  7. Deciding to hire bps planning consultants as your planning consultant
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