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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers will assist you in deciding whether or not to appoint buck planning services as your consultant. buck planning services aims to be transparent with their clients about all aspects of any work undertaken on their behalf.

  1. What counties does bps planning consultants cover?
  2. What is a planner?
  3. What services do bps planning consultants provide?

    Planners can offer services on a wide range of planning, development and environmental matters. Some of the more common include:
    • submission of planning applications;
    • appeals against refusal of planning permission;
    • development plan representations;
    • oral hearings;
    • site appraisals and development feasibility studies;
    • development and design briefs;
    • environmental impact assessments;
    • master plans and urban design studies;
    • policy research;
    • government development and urban regeneration strategies; and
    • public consultation and involvement.

  4. Who do planning consultants provide services for?
  5. What is the benefit of hiring a planning consultant?
  6. Should I hire an architect / agent and a planner?
  7. Deciding to hire bps planning consultants as your planning consultant
  8. How to appoint bps planning consultants as your consultant
  9. What is the normal basis on which fees are calculated?
  10. How are time costs calculated?
  11. What work does the time charge cover?
  12. How are expenses covered?
  13. Should I ask for an estimate?
  14. What are the normal arrangements for payment of fees?

bps planning consultants
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